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I want to publish my book, but most publishers are asking for editable PDF of my book in advance. How should I ensure that my content won’t be plagiarized?

Five reasons why a publisher isn’t going to steal your idea or book. It probably isn’t that great, and needs a lot of help from a publisher to make it publishable T probably already had that idea, or have seen it before, possibly many times If t stole your book, and you proved it, t would no longer be able to function as a publisher T can go find 100 other books from willing authors whose work t don’t have to steal - your work isn’t the only offer t’ve had this year In the extremely unlikely event that you turn out to be publishing’s new messiah, a publisher will be so anxious to love-bomb you into signing a contract that t won’t touch a single character of your precious manuscript without sending you a dozen red roses first [Note. I said this was extremely unlikely] Just do what the publisher asks, at first. Publishers kind-of know what t want and t have their systems. If you’ve a foot in the door and someone’s showing an interest, just … do it.

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You might get screwed, though. Maybe, just maybe, you won’t. But, then, that would be a shame, because there are enough ways to keep trying and fail that we can do a decent job on even the shittiest projects. [Note. This is a joke, because every publisher I know has a foot in the door and at least three times that many ways of showing interest] This is a very good time to find a way to get published at the same time as your other writing. It is never a bad time to send a copy of your manuscript out for sale that is still in draft form and with a cover you already had. And if t have another idea you want to do, you might be lucky. T might be able to get that on your own. T can make the call that you've got enough momentum.

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