Where Can I Get the Traditions And Encounters?

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Where can I get the Traditions and Encounters, AP Edition (Bentley) 5th Edition pdf?

Well there are a myriad of very good books out there. I assume that your son has a lively interest in military history and has likely read many of the most current studies. So, I will offer a couple of suggestions somewhat off the beaten path. For World War I. Edward Spears, Liaison 1914, available on Amazon. Spears was a young lieutenant in the BEF and served as the liaison officer between the BEF and the French 5th Army on the left wing — which received the brunt of the German advance from Belgium. The subtitle of the book says it all. “A narrative of the great retreat.” Much of Spears’ observations conform quite well with recent scholarship on the events described. The famous British historian, AJP Taylor, observed that Spears was one of the very few military men who was also a highly capable historian. Spears had an extraordinary career and later served as Churchills military liaison with the French Government in WW II where he personally aided De Gaulle's escape from France. He went on to write about these experiences including his personal break with De Gaulle over Free French reassertion of colonial policies in the Mediterranean. Also, WW I of a more technical nature. David T. Zabecki, The German 1918 Offensives - a fascinating and pretty harsh account of Ludendorff’s failings as a strategist. Being a West Point grad, your son has probably been exposed to Ulysses S. Grant’s Memoires. T are considered by many to be the finest military memoires ever written. If he does not have a copy this would be an nice addition to his library. For some of the lead up to the American Civil War, I would recommend Don E. Fehrenbacher, The Dredd Scott Case, which I found to be a terrific book on the role of slavery and the shifting attitudes toward it both north and south in the history of the Republic In terms of non-military histories, I am a fan of Paul Johnson’s work which includes. A History of the English People and A History of the American People. On the Industrial Revolution, David Landes, The Unbound Prometheus, although 51 years old remains a classic. I could go on - but I hope this will be a useful start.

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